I had the Casillero Del Diablo Merlot on the long Mashujaa weekend with my brother and sister in law. This merlot comes from the Rapel Valley in Chile, which is a broader region including the Colchagua Valley and Cachapoal Valley sub-regions. We tasted the 2010 merlot. I think that in this variety  Casillero del Diablo captured all the finesse of a subtle wine, of low astringency, with fruity aromas. The fruits I could taste and smell were berries; (Blackberry, strawberries and raspberries). On the glass the wine was maroon-deep purple. Sometimes, I am not so good with finding the perfect colour of a wine. A tip is to check it against a white tile.  On most occasions I use this chart from winefolly.


As a connoisseur, I was eager to find out what they thought about the wine. On the nose we smelled vanilla and smoke. There were dominant berry smells. On the mouth it was very fine and smooth. It was rich and potent. From the first sip, the wine filled the mouth with great tastes. It was not sugary or tannic.

We paired this with spicy spaghetti and beef. However here is an expert guide for this wine in case you are thinking about buying it.


Tasting Notes

Wine: Casillero del Diablo

Variety: Merlot

Vintage: 2010

Alcohol: 13.5%

Serving Temparature: 16º

Colour: Deep purple

Nose: Dark plums, berries, vanilla and smoke.

Food Pairing: A great match to pasta, ham risotto, lightly spiced red meats, soft cheeses and Mexican food

The Jury

Brother-” I love this wine. It is actually really nice. It is a shame we have two bottles.It pairs perfectly with the food.”

Sister in Law-” Im not a fan of red wine. Ive always preferred white wine for some reason. Thanks for challenging me with this red. I enjoyed it..”

Me-”I expected this wine to be sweet. I love the uniqueness of this variety. Its a wine to savour every sip”

If you want to try this wine, it is only Kshs 1,200 in Supermarkets (Nakumatt & Uchumi). It is Distributed by Viva Global Ltd. Feel free to tell me your thoughts (good/bad) and I will add them to the Jury Comments.