Trees, flowers, beautiful homes surround this serene spot called The Brandy Bus. It is a renovated bus that has been turned into an Airbnb in Karen, Nairobi which is such a quiet and tranquil area so far removed from the noise and city bustle.

That is exactly what I needed after a few weeks of deadlines and writing assignments. I wanted to lie on the grass, sip a cold cider, sit on a swing and do something that did not involve computers or technology. I badly needed a day off…

This place offered just that. First, the location was perfect. It was away from everything familiar. It was different. Different good. The air was different too. Nectary, sweet and full of promise. I got so much clarity. There’s so much that a slow, chill day can do for you. You get to press pause. You get to think and breathe!

Secondly, the creativity and uniqueness of this place made me see how much you can do with what you have. You have all the resources you need to create something unique. This was an old bus that was transformed into something magical. There are two bedrooms upstairs and there is a kitchen and living room upstairs. It has everything you need, from a fridge, cooker and gas. There’s a nice fireplace outside where we watched the stars and laughed still sipping on our beers an cider. Stories and laughs rent the air startling the neighborhood dogs who barked occasionally. We stayed there until we ran out of firewood and the fire gave out.

If you want a visual on the place, I did a Youtube Video about it here!

Travel Tips

Carry something warm. It gets chilly at night.

Carry your own food and store it in the fridge. However, you can organise to get food cooked for you.

Make sure to light the fire outside at night.

Carry your own music but they have a great playlist too.



Photography by Sylar.