Life is a highway. Hop into a car with your friends and drive through the open road. There is so much to see. So many places to explore and so many memories to make. Some of the best conversations happen in the car.


We went for an epic road trip with my friends from Nairobi-Nyeri-Naromoru-Nanyuki-Meru-Chuka-Embu-Nairobi. This was arranged by my friend who wanted to surprise his girlfriend Mayah for her birthday and boy, wasn’t she surprised. For the rest of us, it was a great reason for us to see the country as well as spend time with our friends.

Make a Playlist

Designate someone to choose hundreds of songs that will be perfect for the trip. Choose songs that everyone (if not majority) knows/likes and can sing along to. Spread out the genres and choose songs that evoke happiness and road-trip vibes. Songs can change the entire mood of a trip. Put it on blast and sing along. Do not be afraid to stop in the country side and dance on the side of the road. Try some Kygo mixes or download some SoundCloud Jams. The best road trip songs ever! Wireless mini speakers come in handy.


Choose & thin your squad.

Choose the people who will accompany you for the trip if you are the one planning the trip. This also depends on the type of car you have. Remember that you will be locked in a car for hours with these people. For us, it was easy to choose because we have all been friends for years and we all have love for each other. The less, the better. This will ensure that the trip goes seamlessly and it makes planning easier.


From Left/clockwise: Scar, Magda, Sue, Paul, Jean, Mayah, Maggie, Eston.

Check Your Car

Check your car before the trip to make sure everything is ok. Make sure your car can handle off road terrain as road trips are unpredictable. Have a first aid kit in the car and a fire extinguisher. Chose the car depending on the number of people that are going for the trip to avoid splitting the group.


Plan and Budget. 

The main expenses when it comes to road trips are personal expenses and group expenses. Personal expenses are the things you buy for yourself like that packet on banana crisps you like. Group expenses are food, drinks, accommodation and fuel. This depends with the nature of the trip. Splitting the bill can be hectic especially when you are trying to do the math and divide among the group. Use a notepad to record what everyone spends or use Trip Splitter. (Life saving app). Plan about food. Will you cook, carry food or eat out? About drinks; Will everyone buy their own drinks or will you cost share? When it comes to accommodation; Will you cost share, camp or do you have a place that you can stay for free? For fuel will you cost share? When you decide these questions, it becomes easy to decide on other small things as you go.


Buy Supplies

Buy all the things that you need. eg. fruit, snacks, water. You can buy some of the things as you go depending on the route that you are taking. For example, there is no need to buy vegetables in Nairobi while you can get them for cheap in the country side. You can buy the fresh supplies that you will use along the way.


About to load up on fresh supplies.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Wear light clothing and comfortable shoes. Have a scalf or jumper in your bag for when it starts raining. When we stopped for a late, pick-me-up lunch in Nanyuki, it started raining and got very cold. Scalves and jumpers came in handy. Wear rubber shoes/ sandals.


My #OOTD of day 2. Tribal print pants & sandals.

Here is a small road trip packing list.



Be Flexible

You do not have to plan everything down to the nitty gritties. Have a general route that you will follow and then explore. However, be practical as you make decisions. Don’t try to pack too many activities in one day. Remember to also be present. Give your phone a break and laugh and talk.


Taken at Juja.


Fueling at King’ong’o, Nyeri. (My Home County).


Stop-over/ Dance-off at Nyeri-Kiganjo Route. You would’ve thought we were shooting a music video. pic/Eston

Taken at Mwea rice fields.

Taken at Mwea.


Escarpments, steep slopes at Nyeri- Kiganjo road


Hanging by a thread. 😀 Nanyuki/ skywalking. Pic/Eston

Choose some games

There are so many road trip games. I was in charge of games in our recent road trip and we played so many interesting ones. Check this list for interesting games.


You have no excuse. Have fun in your next road trip!