I hope you enjoyed part 3 where I talked abut things that we did in Cape Town. I have an unrealistic fears like the fear of ants and heights. The later would be tested on this day.


There are a few ways to get up Table Mountain. You could hike on the trails (strictly for resilient souls), or go on the cable cars. On this day, it was hot and we opted to take a cable car. I had heard that there were so many amazing views on the top of the mountain.  Have you ever said yes to something that you know that you will back out from in the end? This was my first time to say yes to something I had no intention of doing. Ever since I was young, I was always the one who held the bags as the other kids went on those crazy high rides that children love. I was scared of being in a cylindrical structure dangling mid air. The queue kept getting shorter and when it was our turn, I couldn’t not go. Whatever happens happens!

We were crammed in the cable car and the walls kept rotating revealing these amazing views. Surprisingly, I was more intrigued than scared, and this is something that I would love to do again. The cable car gave us access to brilliant and scenic panoramic views of the mountain. The ride was exhilarating and the view atop the mountain was even better. You get to sit on rocks against this amazing backdrop of the sights of the city. On the mountain , there were many trails where one could take a walk. There were people from all over the world.

If you ever decide to do this, buy tickets or get more info here.



Those are some resilient people hiking in the heat!










Attempting to photograph a photographer.

In Part 5. We drive to Stellenbosch for an exciting food and wine festival!

Special thanks to South African Tourism, Afrocentique Travel and Tours and my photographer Sylar.

All photography by Sylar.