Riding a segway looked intimidating but once we got the hang of it, everyone was practically cruising. Meandering through acres of winelands on a segway (a two-wheel, self-balancing transporter) with the beautiful mountain ranges in the horizon is something I never dreamed of doing.  This is an interesting way to learn about Spier’s heritage. The beautiful farm has noteworthy things like the water treatment plant which brings together technology, art and nature.


On 19th September, the Mission #Capeable group was headed to Spier for the segway tour and after a few lessons from the staff, everyone was well on their way. We then signed some indemnity forms and started the tour. At the beginning, everyone was very cautious but when we learned how the segway works, we trusted ourselves to accelerate and navigate rough terrain. We made occasional stops to learn more about the farm and its farming methods. We also stopped to admire the panoramic view of trees, mountains and vineyards that span across acres of land as far as the eye can see.  Most of the vines had been pruned and were beginning to develop new shoots. There is a certain joy you feel from being in a farm and seeing the plants and animals. We even got to visit the chicken runs and as soon as we stopped, the excited chicken came our way as if to greet us. The chicken are free range and they keep rotating in different patches of land and their droppings are used as manure in the pastures. We also saw some pigs and cows.


Booking the segway tour can be done by visiting the Spier website, the Segway Tour website or email spier@segway.co.za. To know more about the segway tour check here.

*For Kenyans: Spier wines can be found in Nairobi via Nairobi Wine Gallery.

How to pick up chicks. 🙂