I still remember in 2013  when CNN voted Italian Cuisine as the best cuisine in the world. Well, whether you agree with this or not, there is no denying that Italian Food is delicious.  Starting from pizza, risotto, pasta, brushetta and  delicious vino, you see what I am talking about? I also love that there are many restaurants in Nairobi where you can enjoy Italian Food.


I got invited to attend a special cocktail  event to launch the Italian Food & Cultural Festival in Thorn Tree cafe in Sarova Stanley. One could tell that I was looking forward to the event given that I was there like 5 minutes to the start time to take photos of the setup. My friend Agnes was accompanying me. The welcome cocktail had some orange juice, orange zest and Cointreau as the base liqueur and was handed to you by staff dressed in red, white and green, themed Italian attire.  They looked so great. The decor also had hints of these colors and flags. Guests had time to network and it wasn’t long before the bitings started coming from left, right and centre. To be honest, I never understand why finger food fills you up so quickly. You keep eating delicious bits of food here and there and before you know if you are full. The wine was always flowing and I was drinking the 2014 Villa Mura, Valpollicera. I learnt that this was a three grape blend from grapes grown in Veneto, Italy. I thought that this was an excellent wine for the occasion because of its flavour profile. It was not too sweet, but it had flavors of berries and cherries. I think the wine for the occasion had to be something that would pair well with most of the food. There was also a white wine but I did not try it or catch the name. The food was amazing and the waitstaff explained to you what it was in case you did not know.

Sarova Stanley is hosting the  global Italian Food and Cultural Festival in partnership with the Italian Embassy (under the patronage of His Excellency the Italian Ambassador) and the Italian Institute of Culture (under the Director of the Italian Cultural Institute). The festival is going on until 19th November 2017 so you still have time to pop in. You can contact them here.




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