I feel like it has been eons since I wrote on this blog. I have been focusing so much on consulting, my business, wine stuff, getting my Youtube Channel up etc. such that posting on the blog took a back seat. I was also having a major creative slump but I am back. I am an individual who thrives when I have 1,001 things to do. I love ‘taking on more, to become more‘. I have realized that I am more productive when my to-do list is heavily packed. Some people are more productive when they specialize rather than diversify. It all boils down to preference and planning but that is a debatable story for another time and place.


I got an invite to attend the Chivas extra Launch in Kenya and I was more than excited to attend. Chivas Regal is a luxury whisky that is distributed by Pernod Ricard and if you are an avid whisky drinker, then you know what I am talking about. Kenya is a very vibrant market and it has very many innovative,young and creative people (who are the target market on the new blend). I have always associated Chivas Regal with men in suits especially after their ” Made for Gentlemen” campaign but I got to learn so much and even enjoy a few cocktails.








Speaking at the launch of Chivas Extra on 2nd September 2016 Melvin Rukunga, Chivas Brand Ambassador Kenya highlighted “Chivas Extra is an incredibly rich and discerning interpretation of the Chivas signature style. Crafted for the forward thinking drinker, someone who is destined to leave their mark on the world. A perfectly suited blend for the rising Kenyan entrepreneur that believes business can be a force for good.”

Today, Kenya is extremely ripe for fearless, innovative, creative entrepreneurs; the people who translate ideas into action, those that strive for more. Chivas as a global iconic whisky is crafted to take any occasion to the next level. Kenya, and by extension, Africa is on the rise; Chivas Regal Extra welcomes you to the next level.

Find the video of my experience.

Photography & Videography by Sylar.

Spacial Thanks to Shk Consulting