I have had the most eye opening experience in South Africa. I had dreamt for a long time to have a chance like this as I mentioned in this post. When the time came to leave I was nostalgic. I have been racking my brains on how to tell this story but I have finally figured it out. I will run a feature story that will document all my experiences.

From partying and dining in Joburg, to barrel rolling, grape stomping and making new friends in Stellenbosch, chasing the sunset on beaches in Cape town and taking scenic drives.  My blog revolves around food and wine but I am slowly bringing my travel category to life. In this travel series expect to see stories that revolve around culture, travel, food, national attractions, history, lifestyle, music, events, restaurants etc.

In this story, I will reveal as much information as I can and hopefully inspire you take a trip soon. This blog series will show you how easy it is to plan a trip and make it happen. I intend to delve deeper and reveal more.

I hope to inspire you.


Special Thanks to South African Tourism, Afrocentique Travel and Tours and my amazing Photographer Sylar.

All photos by @sylar-chris