I am by nature a very humble & private person. Having a blog, I know that one way to brand is to tell people about yourself & your life. This makes you relatable & human. While on one hand that sounds very normal, it always gets scary when you feel like you are exposing yourself or telling people too much and you keep editing out things. Editing out may reduce your work to a skeleton or an ugly weightless shell of words. A writer needs to strike a balance on how much info you give about yourself, how much value you provide etc. I am trying to learn how to Self-promote without Bragging and How to Brag about your Brand without ‘Bragging’. I think every artist, writer, brand, blogger, entrepreneur etc need to read this.

It was scary  but such a pleasure to be featured on Daily Nation, Saturday  Magazine alongside such amazing women bloggers. Thanking God for everything.

Excerpt: By Simon Mburu (adapted from  nation.co.ke)

“A few years ago, ‘blog’ was the trending word – as misunderstood as it was. Acres of research and debates were dedicated to grasping the ‘blogosphere’ and how it was evolving. In fact, blogs were seen as a threat to traditional media. Today, the advent of microblogs such as Twitter have strengthened their position as an information portal and medium of the future, alongside more formal media such as newspapers, radio and television. A few blogs are rising to the top thanks to their stellar content and regular updates, and many of these bloggers have been honoured at the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) Awards.This week, Saturday Magazine speaks to a few of Kenya’s top women bloggers concerning their inspiring journey in the world of blogging”.

Jean Grace Wanjiru Wandimi, food blogger at www.thewineandfoodreview.com

“My blog focuses on all aspects of food, wine, health, restaurants and beverages. I have been running it for two years. With a high chunk …

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