I was having a rather bad start to my week (last week) & I needed to treat myself. Sometimes when you are feeling out-of-sorts, try eating out alone or with a friend. After being down-in-the dumps for a while, I could portend that this lunch would raise my spirits. I was meeting up with my friend Roshni aka The Kenyan Nomad and we decided to try About Thyme Restaurant. Being on a Tuesday, we both had busy days and we met for a short time. Early lunch is always great because it gives you energy to be productive all through the day. However, have a smoothie/ salad  at around 4.00pm because the hunger pangs will start kicking in earlier than usual.

This is a great restaurant tucked away in a leafy surrounding  Westlands. The restaurant is situated opposite Eldama Park, at the Eldama Ravine & Peponi Road Junction.

The Food

The food was amazing. I opted for the  ‘retro’ quick lunch meal deal; fish & chips with some green peas because I was feeling very hungry and I needed something filling. I had not had fries for weeks. The fish was great and I had to squeeze some lemon and pour some hot sauce on it. It makes it taste better. I had a passion Tamarillo (tree tomato) Cocktail. Passion has to be my best fruit and when combined with tree tomato the results are incredible. My friend ordered the pumpkin and amaretti tortellini which she loved.

AT 3

AT 1

The Dessert

By the time dessert came we were so full. We ordered some fruit cuts. However, the restaurant has some amazing dessert offers this season.

AT 4

AT 5

Check them out:

choc mousse

choc mousse

macadamia parfait

macadamia parfait

Strawberry Cheesecake resized

Strawberry Cheesecake


In case you were wondering about prices, the main courses average from 1,050ksh-1,600ksh, salads 800ksh-1, 200kshs and the desserts average 650ksh. The place is so affordable and it is situated in a serene place. Another thing that made me happy, was the fact that I got to use my EatOut Kenya yummy card. Can you imagine we got 50% off our bill? Instead of paying 4,000kshs we paid 2,000ksh (+tip/ Always tip for good service 🙂 ).


You can sign up for your free card at eatout.co.ke/card and enjoy their #yummytuesdays deal at select restaurants.

On Wednesday night, you get a free mojito with your dinner. How cool is that? Hope to catch you there 🙂



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