This is my first review for 2015. I have been having a massive writers block with a myriad of draft posts sitting in my computer unfinished.

Me and my girls( doesn’t it sound fancy to say that? 😀 ) went to test out the newly refurbished bar at Intercontinental Nairobi. You did read about my tantalizing Buffet Lunch right? This time we went back to visit the bar. Even though we stayed there for a few hours, I had enough time to gather information for this review.

I am surprised because being in my mid twenties, I cannot pull an all-nighter. I am all for a drink or two, good conversation and laughter after which I keep checking my watch. You will not find me going past eleven. Thankfully, my friends resonate with this and they also wanted to catch up and leave early. Gone are the days we partied till the cows came home.


The Safari Bar has been in existence for 46 years and it underwent a face-lift sometime in 2014. One thing that you would not ignore is the countless Johnnie Walker bottles in the bar. So EABL partnered with the establishment to embellish and refurbish the bar. I think it looked great and I loved the furniture and the open plan setting.



It came across as a space for grown folk and not for the #turnup coolkids generation. We did have a good time and we ordered a few cocktails. I was already three-deep on heavy vodka cocktails before ordering water and calling it a night.  Those prices, while fairly standard, proved to be the cheapest that we’d pay all night if we decided to go out of town to say, Westlands. The place was airy and spacious, albeit a little dark. There were VIP round tables and couches on the left wing that were taken by some men. The type of men with crisp suits and a business like aura. I guess that is the target market of the bar but I also saw some ladies enjoying themselves on the round-table next to ours.





The place was ridiculously and surprisingly deserted when we walked in but people started trickling in after some time. If you love whisky, particularly Johnnie Walker, or if you are just looking for a cool space to talk with friends and colleagues over a drink, give it a try.

WHO GOES THERE-Young men and women from 24 and above. Mature and serious crowd.

MUSIC– Yes, relaxing Jazz.


DRINKS AVAILABLE-Lots of  Johnnie Walker & Cocktails. Lack of variety.

OPENING HOURS-5pm till Late.

BAR SNACKS-Available

PRICE RANGE-Mid range/ affordable.

1-10 RATING – *******7