The Cinzano range of sparkling wines comprises of dry and sweet wines. Cinzano Sparkling are from a Company called Gruppo Campari in Italy. All these varieties have their own characteristics that are unique. The Cinzano sparkling wines come in handy when you are having a celebration or when you are having a toast.

Gran Cinzano

They are an ideal aperitif (a dry alcoholic beverage usually served before a meal to stimulate the appetite). The Cinzano Gran Dolce is best offered at the end of a meal in a champagne glass.

Cinzano vermouths date back to 1757. Two brothers, Giovanni Giacomo and Carlo Stefano Cinzano came up with a special new “vermouth rosso” that used “aromatic plants from the Italian Alps. The recipe is still a secret and it has 35 ingridients. With the company’s growing reputation for quality and innovation, Cinzano was asked by Savoy monarchs to create a wine to rival the French champange wines, which were taking the world by storm. In 1840, Cinzano produced Italy’s first-ever sparkling wine.

The rivalry between the French and the Italians when it comes to wine has always been strong.

Tasting Notes

A light, delicately sweet sparkling wine. From selected vineyards in the Italian peninsula. Ideal as an accompaniment to any dessert. One should serve chilled as aperitif or you can mix with cocktails.

Very creamy sweet smooth mousse on palate. A wine to be drunk in its full-blown youth, it is slightly mineral with a hint of mint and pineapples and candied fruit. A delicate, fragrant wine with a soft, smooth very pleasant mouthfeel

Serving Tips

We recommend serving red wines at 15℃ (59℉). This can be achieved by opening the wine and putting it into the fridge 15 min. before serving it.

Food pairing:

Excellent when paired with Italian dishes such as Pasta, Risotto and Cheeses.


9,5 % vol.

Residual Sugar 


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