During the Kenya at 50 celebration there was a lot going on in the country. Being a wine connoisseur, I remember being intrigued by an article from Business daily about the Mara Celebratory wines. This was a special type of sparkling wine that was made for this occasion.The wine comes from South Africa for Kenyan company MIA Wines & Sprits International. There is only one winery in Kenya and making a celebratory wine here would mean growing the grapes. The company saw that it was easier to make the wine form South Africa because they are well versed with the wine making processes and they are a major wine producer in the world.

”Every journey begins with a single step, Kenya took that first step 50 years ago. Every step has brought with it moments of joy, moments of elation, moments of hope moments of creation, moments of contemplation and here we are many moments gone by. Mara celebration is an ode to our history, a tribute to our heritage, a momento of our evolvement – celebrating Kenyan independence,Mara Celebration is a limited handmade sparkling wine created for Kenya @50. A delicate blend of Pinot Noir, Pinotage and Chardonnay, the wine boasts small delicate bubbles from secondary fermentation in the bottle, a racy zestiness from crisp acidity and rich fruit. As with every Mara Wine, the necklace around the Mara Celebration is hand made by local women in Kenya.This necklace can be gently removed from the bottle and worn as a piece of jewellery or hung as an ornament”.

According to MIA wines, the local consumption of wine has improved over time and Kenyans are growing the wine drinking culture every day. The wine continues to sell in supermarkets and restaurants by people who were interested in the limited edition bubbly. This is a way to celebrate the Kenyan heritage.

Interesting facts about this wine.

It is not made in Kenya despite the name Mara which is associated with Kenya. however it is aspecial edition wine to celebrate Kenya at 50.

There are only 1,100 bottles available in two sizes. The Mara Celebration 750ml is Kshs4,500 while the Mara celebration1500ml is Kshs 9,000.

If you need to purchase the wine, send email to sales@miainternational.co.ke or buy here.


MARA Celebration Bothbottles med

Mara Celebration Magnum large