Post written on -Feb 26th, 2014

We all hate hangovers. Have you ever felt like there is a typewriter in your head and your body so lethargic after a night out of drinking? Often times, we are found singing this phrase, “I am never drinking again”. It took me a long time to realize that there are ways around it. I discovered a few secrets that I will share with you. In my campus days a long time ago I got nasty hangovers every Sunday if I had imbibed over the weekend. Don’t blame me I was young and living for the moment. Well, these days I don’t engage in unnecessary drinking. I drink to enjoy . I am taking up mixology so I have to sample many types of drinks. Even if I am not drinking much I always take note of the following to avoid the aftermath that is the ‘Hangover’.

Stay Hydrated
Before you get out of the house to attend an event, drink a glass of water. Carry a bottle of water if you can. If you are drinking in your house, drink a glass of water.

Use water as a mixer

Often times we take our drinks straight from the glass . When you take shots, remember to gulp some water soon after. Use water as a mixer sometimes. Space drinks with water. If you can keep a dispenser nearby if you are in the house.
Eat fatty foods
I know you might be watching your weight but this would be a good time to eat some fatty foods.Eat a steak or french fries. I have this ritual where I eat a kebab if I am going to mix drinks for people or if I am meeting some friends for a drink. Fats absorb alcohol better than carbohydrates. Fats also line the stomach and reduce the alcohol absorption. As you know from basic biology, alcohol is absorbed directly in the body.

“Another Rule of thumb is Never Drink on an empty stomach

Space Drinks and Slow Down
You are not in a drinking competition so take it easy. Even if It has been a while. Have some time for conversation. Laugh and have fun. Take time. Put your drink on the table.
Stick to lighter alcohol
You might be the drinking guru, or you have a tough liver but if you want to mitigate the effect of hangovers,choose a beer, Clearer drinks like clear vodka and gin.Avoid dark whiskeys and dark rum if you want to keep that hangover at bay.

“The Darker the drink, The worse the hangover”

 Order a light cocktail
Most cocktails are better than hard liquor. Except the Long Island Iced Tea (Stay away from that cocktail) If you want to avoid hangovers. Get a cocktail with tonic water, soda or non alcoholic mixers. It will taste great but it wont do you so much harm.

Hang over cures

  1. Drink Water
  2. Eat burnt toast (Carbon helps to absorb the alcohol residue  in your stomach).
  3. Eat cereal, chevdas, crisps, crackers to boost the sugar level in your body.
  4. Eat a banana/ avocado/oranges to boost potassium levels in your body
  5. Eat bacon( The protein in bacon replenishes neurotransmitters that were depleted by the alcohol).
  6. Eat eggs (Eggs have protein that breaks down to amino acids called cystein that relieve the hangover).

I have seen these things work for me. I also cut on my alcohol intake but if you still want to enjoy your drink , exercise these practices.
You’re Welcome.