I’d like to think that I am a Jack of all trades. A dreamer (and doer) on steroids. I love getting things done! Diversification vs Specialization has been an great debate for many years but I like to spread my wings and diverify. You would disagree but I like seeing what is out there. There comes a time when you want to try new projects and see what you are good at. One thing that I know is that I love creating content. Who knew podcasting would be such a fun way of speaking your mind. it’s therapeutic too. I’m still trying to get used to hearing myself talk and sometimes I laugh at how I articulate my words. I recently teamed up with Penelope who is a great friend of mine to create the S.P.A.C.E Podcast. S.P.A.C.E simply means Stay Passionate Accomplish Connect and Explore! I love this authentic way of creating content because we just recorded a normal conversation that we would have. It is real, unedited and authentic. If you listen carefully you will hear birds chirping, leaves rustling from the wind and other background sounds since we record outdoors.Here are the Episodes

Episode 1: Things I Wish I knew about blogging.

Two bloggers, Penelope (www.creative-ambition.com) and Jean(www.thewineandfoodreview) talk about their experiences and the things they wish they knew about blogging beforehand. If you are an aspiring blogger, this episode will be IDEAL for you.

Episode 2: Networking Tips for your next event.

Need help working the crowd at your next social event, school function or office party? We’re here to help. In this episode we look at 10 tips that will help you network at any event and be a true crowd puller!

Let me know what you think and any topic ideas or tips.