Every wine lover looks at the best way to store his/ her wine. Here are a few ideas you might wanna consider. You will need to run to the hardware store . You will need to consult your carpenter if you don’t want to get your hands dirty.
1. Get a wooden plank . Drill holes through it. Find a way to secure it on the wall.

2. Get these supporting rods from your local hardware. Secure them on the wall


3.Get your carpenter to do this for you.


4. This is an easy one to make. You can convert an old shelf to a wine stand.Enhance the lighting on the shelf to give it appeal.


5. Use an old crate.

6. the following are simple ideas to use with wood. Once you take the design to the carpenter he will know what to do. Be sure to use hardwood.

7. Use a normal shelf to store your bottles.

8. Get old PVC pipes. Cut them in equal lengths. Join together with screws and nuts or rivets. Use different colours. Get creative.


9. Another great idea that uses wood.

Transform your space with these ideas.