Le Decanter is a Gourmet shop in Westlands Nairobi. It is in ABC place and it stocks a collection of different wines . Examples are Chateau le Gay, Bordeaux Blanc.This place has French wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Alsace and Provence. For all of you who are planning cocktail parties, they have cocktail mixes to mix with your rum or vodka.So you don’t have to worry about what drinks to serve your guests.These mixes come in a variety of flavours like candy floss, raspberry and lemon among others. There are innumerable types of gourmet mustard, cheese and vinegars. They have amazing gift wraps and boxes for those who plan to buy gifts .They stock different non-alcoholic syrups too.Here are a few photos showcasing their products.

photo credit https://www.facebook.com/LeDecanter

This place is open from Monday to Sunday. The prices are affordable. Its a nice spot for winelovers in the country.For more information visit their page here .