Today I was very excited to interview a very lovely lady Jeannete Musembi. Save the fact that we have the same name 😉 , She is the editor of Eatout Kenya. This is the first of many interviews and here is what she had to say…

Who is Jeanette Musembi?

Wow I’ve never seriously thought about this before… let’s see. At the expense of not being poetic about it, Jeannette is first a foodie by nature.  I’m a true realist who believes in taking it one day at a time and most importantly, loyal a fan of the simple things in life. Like sunrises and ice tea on a hot day.
You are the editor of eat out Kenya? What prompted you to start this site? What advice do you give to writers or bloggers out there?
Yes I am currently the editor of EatOut Kenya. I didn’t start the site though. My boss Mikul Shah did after he came back from London and found out that most Kenyans did not have an idea of places to eat. It’s a wonderful idea that has grown and shown that Kenyans do after all, eat out.  My advice would definitely be to follow your passion. If you’re a blogger or writer starting out, believe in your talent and skill; use it to your best ability and find ways to improve it. The results are unimaginable!
What do you think about people’s views towards wine in Kenya?
As much as it may be hard to believe, Kenyans are well versed with wine. It is a trend that many are embracing today because of the exposure they have experienced at work, school or travel. Wine shops are popping in and around the major cities to cater to the growing interest- this is a sure sign that we are definitely heading in the right direction.
What is the best food you have had in a restaurant?
Tough question! Because of the nature of my work, I get to sample many types of cuisines, some very memorable. But my best would have to be Talisman restaurant’s smoked tilapia fish with a side of hand cut fries and tartar sauce. It’s a fresh, painfully simple dish yet so full of flavor because the chef cooks it on a plank of Leleshwa wood. Divine!
What is your best wine?
I am mostly whisky oriented but the Chenin Blanc from Nederburg’s 56Hundred reserve gets me.

What are your milestones?
I think I am still trying to achieve a ‘severely’ major one but I would have to say working at EatOut has been one.  I never imagined I would work as an editor for such a dynamic company!
Do you think Kenyans need to embrace wine drinking and wine tasting?
It is a fun experience to indulge and learn about wine, and if your palate allows it then, why not? Otherwise I think that everyone should drink whatever he or she is comfortable with.
What do you think is the future for this industry in Kenya?
With the current ‘awareness’ trend in the market on food and drink, I definitely think we are on the right track. The future looks bright and I’m looking forward to seeing new developments!
In your opinion is there a difference between a wine/whiskey enthusiast and an alcoholic?
YES! An alcoholic person mostly drinks to get inebriated and there’s no much point to their consumption. Most of the time they are not even aware of what they are having. But an enthusiast drinks to learn, experience and savor. They are aware of their surroundings and use the opportunity to find out more about their likes and dislikes.
Well it was great to meet other players in the food&wine industry. you can check out her writing here and here